Welcome to My Website!

I am Urszula Bunting.  My mission is to help you find your path to a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life. My passion for life and my own health challenges motivated me to become a Yoga Teacher, Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Author, and Speaker. As a mother of two young boys and a wife of an airline pilot, I had to find a way to manage our busy household, prepare healthy meals, and live my life to the fullest potential. I truly believe that everyone can and deserves to be happy, healthy, and successful. It is a choice – it is your choice that I can't wait to help you make. 

Please contact me to find out more about my health coaching programs, yoga and Tai Chi classes, workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements.  info@ubwellcafe.com

Life Is a Gift – Are You Ready to Unwrap It?