Welcome! I am Urszula Bunting, founder of UB Well, LLC, a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Tai Chi Instructor, author of Finding Your Yoga: Essential Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga and Ayurveda, and public speaker.

I have a life-long passion for health and wellbeing. My calling is to use my knowledge, experience, and skills to build thriving communities, contribute to a healthy environment, and support groups and individuals on their paths to living long, happy, and healthy lives. 

The fundamentals of health and wellness are basically the same for most people such as: eating healthy, being physically active, getting enough rest, managing stress, and having supportive relationships. Even so, the details are different for each person because each of us is a unique and precious being.

I believe each of us is in charge of our health and wellbeing. The lifestyles we choose determine how we feel every day and the kind of future we paint for ourselves. 

My mission is to help you discover your LIFESTYLE’s strengths and weaknesses, define your health and wellness goals, create a plan that will work for you, and walk with you on your path to a vibrant, healthy, happy, and satisfying life.

My unique prospective of health and wellness comes from my Polish background, many years of studying and teaching yoga, fascination with Ayurveda (ancient medicine from India), education from Institute for Integrative Nutrition and American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and learning from different cultures during my travels around the world.