Tony K., Longmont, CO

“I had previously known about and tried Yoga but it never made my list of priority exercise goals until I was recently introduced to Urszula.   She understood very quickly where I was coming from and taught me how to embrace yoga in a way that made it both constructive and enjoyable. Her emphasis on personal goals and achievement with different ways of arriving there, was a revelation.  I am moving forward with a whole new set of intentions (no longer goals) convinced that this new found practice will continue to enhance the quality of my life.”

Tammi G., Fairbanks, AK

"Urszula is a sensitive, caring and knowledgeable health coach.  She tunes into your needs and finds right solutions for you.  She is constantly learning and applying her knowledge to your individual situation.  She is open, approachable and there for you.  She provides you with tools for a lifetime of good health and motivates you to use them."

Marianne R. Longmont, CO

I was "stuck" in trying to achieve my goal of finding a way to mindfully meditate when I first started my sessions with Urszula. She found the right questions to ask so that I could identify the problem and  helped me to set weekly goals and activities that were steps to reaching that goal.  By  discussing  the challenges and discovering ways to address them, she guided me gently to find the answers that were within in me, but not apparent.  It was a very rewarding experience that I would highly recommend.”

Jean C. Longmont, CO

"Urszula has a calm and direct style.  She looks at you in the eyes. Urszula asks great questions and she will ask further questions to make sure she understands what the client means; she also interprets one's body language to comment on the emotional elements of one's statements.  Urszula offers options when discussing a program she is proposing for a client to begin or use.  She takes her time to review previous client work before proceeding to another step of the process."