Cooking in Seasons

While in other countries, cooking is a part of everyday life, in the United States, we choose to cook or decide not to cook. Besides Thanksgiving dinner (that I LOVE!), there is not much tradition that supports the typical American family way of eating. Unfortunately, fast foods, frozen dinners, take outs, or eat outs have replaced wholesome homemade foods.

I admit - cooking is a lot of work! I remember when I was growing up in Poland, my Mom cooked dinner for us every single day. As I watched her moving quickly around the kitchen, instead of learning how to cook, I was trying to figure out how to survive without doing the hard work. I found the answers when I moved to the United States.

My idea of a healthy diet is eating real, wholesome, and homemade food according to seasons and using fresh, local ingredients as much as possible.

Recipes for Summer

Naturally, during the summer our body craves light, raw, mostly vegetarian food options. It is important to remember to stay hydrated with cold drinks such as ice teas, smoothies, homemade lemonades, popsicles, also with fruits and salads, and plenty of fresh filtered water.

Recipes for Fall/Winter

The abundance of rainbow colored produce, flavorful spices, and many ideas to combine them all make fall cooking fun and easy. Fall is the harvest time for both fall and winter and time to make preserves, fermented vegetables, and prepare food to store for winter.

Recipes for Spring

Time to wake up from winter hibernation with sprouts, green leafy veggies, and roots such as ginger and turmeric. It is a great time to allow the body cleanse with lighter meals, less fatty, and more bitter taste to stimulate the liver and the lymphatic system.