There is no magic pill, no one diet that works for everyone, no fountain of youth, but there is someone that can open up your gift of life that is You! My role is to help you unwrap each layer of that wrapper. I embrace the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s philosophy and work around primary “foods”(relationship, career, physical activity, spirituality) and secondary foods (nutrition). It is critical to find a way of eating that supports your physical body, but it is as important to look into other areas of your life that might also be unhealthy.



Writing this book is one of my dreams, and I believe that we can make choices that bring our dreams into reality. My dream for this book is that you find something here that will trigger a change in your life. That it motivates you to make choices for your dreams and desires come true. The tools can be as simple or as complex as you wish but the results are always priceless. Learning about yourself and about the world around you through the eyes of yoga is a fascinating journey. In our goal-oriented society, it’s quite a relief to know that you can enjoy the ride, and not to have to worry about the destination. We all have a responsibility to live our lives to the fullest potential, and to take care of ourselves and the world around us. Yoga makes living our potential: possible, easier, and more fun along the way. 


Are you ready?  Let’s find Your yoga!

Health coaching

It’s easy to overlook some elements of a healthy lifestyle that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. Even though it very important to eat healthy foods, there are other factors present in our lives: relationships, careers, physical activity, and a spiritual awareness that have a major influence on our health and wellbeing. As a Holistic Health Coach, I work with my clients toward the right balance among these elements that lead to a happier life, better health, and stronger sense of gratitude.



workshops and events

I invite you to visit me in one of my yoga and Tai Chi Movement for Better Balance classes that I teach on regular basis in Longmont United Hospital, City of Longmont–Recreation Center and Boulder Country Club. In addition, you can find me teaching yoga workshops, giving wellness lectures, conducting cooking presentations, and leading mini-retreats in various locations in Colorado, and around the country. Please click on the this link to view my calendar for the future events.