Health and Wellness Coaching 

Are ready to take charge of your health, wellbeing, and happiness? Please contact me and together we explore many aspects of life that contribute to how we feel: environment, nutrition, physical activity, relationships, career, sleep, rest, creativity, and having fun. To help my clients, I use education that I obtained from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, experience as a health coach and yoga instructor, as well as common sense that I have gained from living in various parts of the world and observing different cultures while traveling around the world.

"Urszula is a sensitive, caring and knowledgeable health coach.  She tunes into your needs and finds right solutions for you.  She is constantly learning and applying her knowledge to your individual situation.  She is open, approachable and there for you.  She provides you with tools for a lifetime of good health and motivates you to use them."

Tammi G., Fairbanks, AK

Please contact me for a free 15 minutes consultation to find out how I can help you have the life that you deserve.